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Our mission is to train and equip personnel who provide educational assistance to families serving in international settings.

PACE offers its members online resources related to key TCK/cross-cultural education topics, as well as opportunities for online interaction on key topics.

PACE also offers a certification program through online training for cross-cultural education consultants.  Courses include:

Introduction to Education Consulting in Cross-Cultural Settings

Basics of Home Education

Special Educational Needs

Interpersonal Skills for Consulting and Teamwork

Multilingualism Issues

The Introduction to Education Consulting course is available for graduate credit through a U.S. university, and continuing education credits through an international schools association.  Learn more here.

PACE Announcements

After more than a year of development, our latest course is now available! Child Development and Early Learning is now available as an Independent Study for you. This course will help you to recognize normal child development across a wide variety of areas. This will enable you to answer one of the most common question from parents: “Is this normal?” You’ll also learn about the latest research regarding early learning and literacy, which can help as you serve parents with very young children. Continuing education units from ACSI are available for this course. Register today!

Ever wish you could sit down and have a cup of coffee with an experienced education consultant? Have questions about helping parents with second language issues, homeschooling, or creating education plans? We’re still taking your questions for our Ask Nancy blog, so email us your questions at

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To read more about our tool for consultants to use with families moving to the field or transitioning between fields, click here.

If you’re a family registering for the Education Planning for Families in Transition course, click here.

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