PACE Certification

Education consultants are able to obtain Education Consultant Certification through PACE by completing the Level I Introduction to Education Consulting in Cross-Cultural Settings course (Parts I-III) and six Level II courses.

Level II courses mandatory for certification are:
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Interpersonal Skills for Consulting and Teamwork
  • Educational Planning
  • Child Development and Early Learning

Level II elective courses include:

  • Basics of Home Education
  • Multilingualism Issues
  • Current Issues in TCK Education (offered at March, 2016 ICEC conference in Germany)
  • Assisting Families with National School Issues
  • Educational Testing and Assessment

Exemption Policy: Students may exempt Level II courses required for certification by providing information regarding any of the following in the specific area studied:

  • College or university degree
  • Extensive background and experience in the field
  • Extensive graduate-level training
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