About the course

PACE has been training MK/TCK education consultants for eight years now, and across the board, we’re hearing from seasoned veterans that families need more preparation for educating their children overseas.  In order to better equip education consultants, PACE has developed an online course for these consultants to use with families in transition.

“Education Planning for Families in Transition” provides an affordable, online environment in which an education consultant is able to train a family regarding TCK issues and the educational options available in their area of service, and to walk alongside them as they develop an education plan for their family.

By the end of the course:

  • Parents have learned all about TCK issues and how to better help their children in transitioning to the field or between fields
  • TCK/MK Education Consultants and parents have developed a supportive relationship that will provide a platform for future interactions as issues arise
  • Families have a well-researched and practical plan for educating their children overseas

Why an online course?  Providing this resource online gives couples time to connect with the field and explore the options that will be available to the family, as well as time to reflect on their learning together as they develop their family’s education plan.  Additionally, the course is available at a much lower cost of money and time than face-to-face conferences.  No costs for travel, housing, meals, or childcare are incurred.  As the course can be completed in just several hours a week, there is no investment needed of a block of time that may be better spent in other activities as a family prepares for the field.

Another feature of this course is that PACE can tailor the course to fit your agency’s needs.  There may be materials or forms required of a family regarding their children’s education, and these can be easily incorporated into the course.

The process is a simple one.

  • Contact PACE to arrange a free Preview Week.  You’ll get a chance to view the overall format and two of the six modules.  You’ll also interact with the course developers as they show you how to use some of the course tools optimally.
  • Facilitator Training Courses will be offered several times a year.  This course will be mandatory for anyone that will be guiding families through the course, and will be free for any education consultant whose agency has committed to taking families through the course.  During this course, we’ll take the facilitators through all of the course material, discuss the principles of quality online facilitation, and explain how to tailor the course for your agency.

Note: In order to assure that facilitators (education consultants) are equipped to lead the course both in terms of content and technology, we require that facilitators complete PACE’s Introduction to Education Consulting course prior to leading families through the Education Planning for Families in Transition course.

  • Your agency’s education consultants can begin taking families through the course almost immediately after completing the Facilitator Training Course.  The course is comprised of six modules which can be completed in a timeframe determined by you.  Up to five families at a time can go through the course together, or the facilitator may work with families one at a time.  The cost of the course per couple will be only 350 USD to cover technology and support costs.

What’s next?  Contact us at EducationPlanning@TCKConsultant.org.  We can answer your questions and enroll you for the upcoming Preview Week.

We’re looking forward to working together with you to see that families are able to educate their children well on the field!

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