About PACE

Nancy Elwood and Melissa Shipman began developing PACE in 2006. Through their work with SHARE Education Services, they saw first-hand the need that TCK education consultants all over the world had for training and resources.

From 2006-2007, they worked with an advisory group of leaders in TCK education, developing professional standards for cross-cultural education consultants and identifying training and resource needs.

In the summer of 2007, PACE was officially born, and Melissa Shipman began acting as Executive Director. PACE is registered as a nonprofit organization in the state of Georgia, USA.

PACE began offering online courses to education consultants all over the world in January 2008. Over 120 education consultants have taken at least one PACE course, and many return for more courses!

Many professionals are contributing to PACE. Kay B. joined our Leadership Team in 2011 and is spearheading our Education Planning for Families in Transition course.  Nancy, Melissa, Kay B., Debbie C., Cynthia S., and Jean K. have served as course facilitators and developers. Debbie, Cynthia and Kay have each worked as education consultants in Europe or Africa for over 20 years, and Jean has extensive worldwide cross-cultural experience. Yvonne W. and Susan S. assist with the financial tasks related to PACE. Susan has lived and served in Eastern Europe for several years, and Yvonne has traveled to assist workers in both Central America and Eastern Europe many times. PACE’s Board of Directors meets annually to plan, encourage each other, and provide accountability in the management of the organization.

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