Professional Standards

Before PACE began, we asked a group of leaders in our field to help us develop professional standards for education consultants.  These standards have guided all course and program development at PACE from day one!

How can we help YOU grow as a professional education consultant?


1. An effective TCK education consultant will enter the field with the strong educational background needed to serve families effectively. This background ideally includes:

  • Education degree (B.A./certification)
  • Homeschooling experience
  • Cross-cultural/field experience
  • Experience in working with children of a variety of ages and learning styles
  • Technological literacy

Interpersonal Skills  

2. An effective TCK education consultant will exhibit excellent interpersonal skills as he/she works with families and with colleagues. Strong interpersonal skills are shown by consultants who:

  • Actively listen to those they seek to serve
  • Encourage the families with whom they consult
  • Objectively help families explore educational options
  • Remain objective regardless of the severity of situations they may encounter in their consulting
  • Are observant to all aspects of a situation in which they are serving
  • Remain flexible in response to the needs of families and the demands of the job
  • Communicate difficult ideas to families in a tactful manner
  • Confidently complete tasks related to serving the families with whom they work
  • Resolve conflict when it arises
  • Communicate effectively
  • Maintain an appropriate sense of humor
  • Observe and understand both verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Maintain confidentiality of the situations they encounter
  • Discern between the need for confidentiality and the need to make referrals to other professionals
  • Have an attitude of acceptance towards those they serve and those with whom they work

Maintaining Expertise  

3. An effective TCK education consultant will maintain her/his area(s) of educational expertise and experience in the field of TCK education. This will be accomplished through:

  • Networking among professionals in their field of expertise and in the field of TCK education
  • Developing and maintaining print and online research skills
  • Attending training opportunities
  • Maintaining membership in professional organizations
  • Enrolling in advanced or graduate-level courses
  • Maintaining a level of technological literacy needed to effectively research and respond to families

Work Philosophy    

4. An effective TCK education consultant is able to work in a manner that allows for success in his/her role. Consultants exhibit strong work habits in:

  • Being willing and able to travel as needed
  • Managing their time efficiently and effectively
  • Being a self-starter; taking the initiative in consulting and other tasks required of them
  • Having the self-discipline needed to work independently and complete assigned tasks well
  • Understanding how to work collaboratively with their colleagues even in an independent role
  • Organizing themselves in order to complete tasks in a timely and effective manner
  • Showing awareness and sensitivity to security issues
  • Advocating for families in an appropriate manner
  • Understanding that the role of a consultant is often ambiguous and may not provide closure in every situation
  • Submitting themselves to accountable relationships with supervisors and/or others
  • Being passionate for their work

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