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What is PACE?

Research indicates that the number one preventable reason for families returning home early from the field relates to the education of their children. When a family returns home early, the investments made in language learning, cultural acquisition and relationships are lost.

To stand in this gap, sending agencies provide education consultants to serve the education needs of their families. These consultants provide services such as educational resources, consulting, testing, and home school support to families serving on the field. In doing so, they enable these families to continue their good work.

Most of these consultants are on the field themselves and have specialties within the area of education. But what happens when a family they serve needs support in an area of education outside of the consultant’s specific area of expertise and experience?

This is why PACE was created. PACE provides resources, training and community to education consultants on the field so that they can provide families with up-to-date educational information.

Why donate to PACE?

When you give to support the mission of PACE, you are joining a large group of donors who are committed to keeping healthy families serving on the field. When we provide educational support for just one education consultant, we are impacting the educational counsel and services available to all of the families that consultant serves. In doing so, we are impacting the work of each of those families.

Join us today!

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