Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs- Independent Study

*Prerequisite: Student must have completed or be simultaneously enrolled in Introduction to Education Consulting (Parts 1-3)

Topics include Foundations of Special Needs Education, Foreign Language Learning, Educational Planning for Transitions, Educational Planning Across Environments, Interpersonal Skills and Relating to Families of Children with Special Needs, and Strategies and Resources for Consultants and Families.

Course Details:
  • Students will need online access for approximately two hours per module in order to download materials and interact with classmates
  • Coursework will take approximately three to four hours per module to complete
  • Maximum amount of time allowed for this Independent Study is ten weeks (up to two weeks per module)
  • Once you register for this course, an Independent Study Contract will be emailed to you along with information about your Independent Study Facilitator.
  • Course tuition: 250 USD
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