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Making Decisions on Curriculum

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  Our guest blogger  is Jennifer Moline, now with Wycliffe. She has served as a teacher to TCKs in Russia and as an education consultant with SHARE and The Navigators. Here are three quick questions you can ask yourself and encourage parents to ask themselves when making decisions about curriculum: 1. Parent: Can I put the time into it that is required? Do I like it? (I won’t teach well what I don’t like!) 2. Student: Will it meet the need of my child academically and motivationally? 3. Cost: Weigh the cost with these questions: a.   Is it consumable? Can it be used again? b.   Does this...

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Roundup of Education Headlines: Common Core in the US – 2.19.14

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If you serve families who have had any interaction with public schools in the United States, you have probably heard of the Common Core Standards. And what you’ve likely read about are the many criticisms of the standards. Here are some links with some basic information about the Common Core as well as where the controversy lies at the moment. The Common Core Standards website can be found here. You can read more about how and why the standards were developed, and find the list of standards for math and language arts. Some states rebrand controversial Common Core education standards...

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Career Planning for Teens Part 2

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This is the first of two articles written by guest blogger Larry Milks related to career planning for teens. This week, Larry shares a Career Investigation Project and Job Shadowing Questions that would benefit any teen embarking on career exploration. Larry serves as East Region Director with SHARE in Budapest, Hungary.  He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Michigan State University and a Master’s degree in Science Education from Western Michigan University. Prior to serving with SHARE, he taught high school science courses and after this stepped into an administrative role where he...

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